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For its geographical features, Abruzzo is an unique Italian region. It overlooks the Adriatic Sea but, at the same time, at 60 kilometers from its beaches, it can enjoy its highest mountains of the Apennines (Gran Sasso and Maiella). As regards the fishery industry in the Abruzzo region, in the past the fishing was done through the old wooden fishing equipment, called trabocchi, become national monuments now. Nowadays, in Abruzzo the fishing techniques have changed and in recent years it has increased its fish production greatly even if it is not a wide practiced industrial activity. In 2007, the fish production was 14,657 tons, a figure that places this region in fifth place among the Italian regions after Sicily, Apulia, Marche, Veneto and Emilia Romagna for caught tons with a 5.5% of share on the national total and a pay-off of around 51 million euro equal to 3.8% of the national total. (Sources: Data processing ISTAT and Fisheries Observatory - Federpesca 2009)

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Nuova La Selva Pesca S.r.l.

A1Nuova La Selva Pesca has been a leader in the fishing industry for over fifty years. We specialize in the fishing, maarketing and distribution of blue fish, tuna and white fish throughout Italy and abroad, as well as in frozen fish products.. Our personnel, with several years experience and ongoing training, are well equipped to handle even the most challenging requests. Nuova La Selva Pesca is highly competitive thanks to our use of cutting-edge processing technology and our commitment to the highest possible standars. For these reasons we are the ideal partner for collaborations of guaranteed value.