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A key element to ensure the expectation achievement is a precise and continuous planning, evaluation and monitoring of results and a careful management of the services delivery process, more critical. As introduced above, our service delivery method is ruled by a system of order quality management, which is into compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 law. This system is featured by managing and operating methods and tools which allow to plan/ supervise the service delivery processes as well as to identify and realize improvement opportunities. In particular way, there will be a feed – back service which, through the implementation of a system, detects some conditions both in itinere - in order to put in, quickly, appropriated corrective actions, when possible - and ex-post in order to detect the achieved results of participating companies. The monitoring and feedback system will use qualitative and quantitative indicators including:

  • type and number of contacted companies;
  • nature and number of  ended agreements;
  • expected benefits and achieved ones.

For the purposes of monitoring, some boards will be prepared to detect each critical phase during the contact and each relevant project elements. The use of predefined formats allows a clear and consistent vision of each element and, especially since the offer phase, it allows a clear idea of the methodological proposal setting. The board production will be made in compliance with fundamental principles of the Quality Management System (UNI EN ISO), in order to consider it as an added value and not as a bureaucratic fulfillment, merely. The methods and tools used for planning and monitoring the Quality Management Service include the key elements which feature the Quality Management System: Order Quality Plan and its dynamic management, the evaluation process and self-monitoring.