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Fish in Italy

logo fishinitaly FishInItaly is a development partnership among enterprises belonging to two areas of South of Italy: Calabria and Sicily. These represent entrepreneurial realities with different experiences related to complementary and converging fields. FishInItaly grows out of a successful strategy based on collaboration of several components such as adoption of project management approach, experiences in organizing international fairs of primary importance, use of graphic design and architectural tools. All these elements are essential to develop a strategic communication. Moreover a survey has been set up to gather direct and indirect beneficiaries requirements and needs, as a pattern to translate goals into pragmatic outcomes. The FishInItaly advertising activity aim is to offer backing to the enterprises both for acquiring know-how about new technologies and for entering into new markets. As a matter of fact one of the main target is to enhance fishing and acquaculture role at domestic and international fishing companies, keeping in mind the fishing industry processing which is on. The strategic goal, explaining our attendance to Seafood happening, are: - Furthering the development of the the fishing corporate image and aiding to steer their positioning strategy properly; - Fostering high quality fish products as fresh products, manufactured and acquaculture products; - Promoting unknown fishes consumption.

The strength of our service is the established expertise of the professionals concerned who have specific experience within the programs co-financed by Structural Funds, achieved through the participation to previous projects for Public Administration. Our organization shows itself as an organic structure of support which qualifying factor is based on closed inclusion and sharing knowledge among the various defined functional areas.This model, thus, stands as a highly flexible and contextually designed on the real needs of those involved, with the aim of supporting the Administration in the involvement related to misalignments and weaknesses in the process management. The proposed structure take on and provides value thanks to a series of distinctive, innovative and qualifying features such as: - Appropriate levels of experience, necessary for rendering our services efficiently and professionally; - Strengthening of the coordination function to ensure a constant and continuous control of the coherence of all activities carried out by different members of the working group; - Qualified resources in the areas of public procurement, programs, plans and projects management, planning and implementation of domestic and international fairs, implemented under the Regional Operational Programs co-financed by the Structural Funds; - Human resources with multisectoral skills for hacking as possible instability and mutability of the context in which we will operate. From this point of view, the members
of the working group are able to adapt promptly to new demands and needs of support for the realization of the advertising campaign. Thanks to a team of highly skilled professionals, we have high skills in the fields of fisheries and agri-food sector, in general, in strategic and operational communication, for organizing happening and in particular domestic and international fairs. The support offered by professional resources, engaged full time on specific issues as well, thanks to high expertise acquired, represents a fundamental advantage for the achievement of the stated goals. The strengthened expertise of individual consultants, involved in the multidisciplinary team, and the skills possessed by them is another objective element in achieving effectiveness and efficiency for the proposed services, helping to determine additional benefits such as organizational and procedural knowledge for delivering this type of service and tools, used by the government structures; so as the possibility to borrower practices and tools developed to date.