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The creation of the brand "FishInItaly" has provisioned a preliminary study about the message to be transmitted (content) and consequently the analysis of its graphic features (shape). The graphic features analysis focused on the "shape" and the "content" of the message, its pertinence with project’s theme, its consistency with plan’s values and results.

The main element is represented by a drawing designed with these following features: The fish.

It represents and synthesizes the varied world of fishing, in graphic way. Many “actors” were candidates for this role, but our choice fell on a squirming little fish, mascot symbolizes fishing fauna wholly.



The sea, the still Italian sea. Into this logo the fish dives into Italian sea, getting in through the right doorway: the dot on "i" in Italy.

The headline: Our name choice comes out following the purpose of our involvement: our attendance in the Brussels Seafood (international exposition we

speak English) and  Italian fishing industry advertisement. That’s way FishInitaly is our headline.

The choice of name and colors with the aim of  reinforcing patriotism idea: Fish, intended as whole variety: fresh, frozen, smoked, canned, pickled, etc. ... Italy, meant

as all its ports, fishing fleets, markets, places for processing and selling fishing products, etc. ...

This logo which is obtained thanks to a linear and simple graphic, a joining and distinguishing, at the same time, lettering, a coloration having reference to immediately, can be intended anywhere and by anyone.