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brodetto vastese Vasto style Fish Soup - While, in Vasto style fish soup every fish is put in the pot at the same moment and the lid is removed only at the table. Among the special seafood dishes, this soup is characterized by the use of many varieties of fish, at least 9-10, including cuttlefish, red mullet, sole, dogfish, frog, cobs, redfish and shellfish.


stocco mammolese Mammola style Stockfish - The stockfish is a preserved fish that is the basis of many cooked dishes in the Reggio Calabria district. Its origin trace back to the early sixteenth century, when the dried codfish began to import in Calabria from Naples, the capital of the Kingdom. From Naples, the boats reached the harbor of Pizzo, from where by mule and through the mule tracks the stockfish arrived to Mammola. In Mammola, so called the "land of the stockfish", after a traditional "soaking", the fish is handmade processed and still sell in all the Reggio Calabria district.
pescespadaallaghiotta Greedy Swordfish - The swordfish is defined as “ The Pinocchio of the Violet Coast”. It’s the most popular fish and the undisputed protagonist of the Calabrian cuisine, not only for its flesh delicacy, but also for the folk ritual that characterizes its catch. The gastronomic specialty of “Greedy Swordfish”, in dialect "Pisci spada a gghiotta ", is a typical dish of the Reggio Calabria district and in particular of the Violet Coast, where is prepared from May to September.

Emilia Romagna

anguilla-marinata Soused Eel of Comacchio - The traditional procedure involves four main stages of processing: cutting, skewering, cooking and packaging. The cooking is the most important stage of the whole process because it impacts on the food result. This eel so prepared maintains its organoleptic characteristics for several months and it can combines with a Fortana Bosco Eliceo wine.

Friuli Venezia Giulia

capesante alla friulana Friuli style Scallops (au gratin) - Scallops can be eaten both raw and cooked: au gratin, baked, cooked in pan. But, the scallops may be the main ingredient in quiche or creams. In the preparation of meals their shells are used widely. They are exploited as a decoration to serve fish dishes.


risotto pesce lago Risotto with Lake Fish - This is a typical recipe of Lario and it represents the integration of local resources (fish) and regional gastronomic knowledge (risotto). The result is a rich dish, which came in the use of high catering.


merluzzo alla marchigiana Marche style Codfish - The Marche is a mix of flavors between the of northern and southern Italian cuisines. It’s a green Region which is always known for its rich traditions and great hospitality. As matter of fact, along the coastal area it can enjoy a large amount of fish.


scapece gallipoli Gallipoli style “Scapece” - This dish is a specialty of Gallipoli and it’s easy to find in festivals around the Salento, which involving the so-called “scapecieri”. Its origin traced back to the period in which Gallipoli, maritime city, was besieged by the Mediterranean powers. To ward off the famine it was necessary to supply of food to keep for a long time. The plenty of fishery products caught in the sea of Gallipoli, used for that. In fact, the main ingredient of “scapece” is the fried fish pickled among some layers of soaked breadcrumbs in vinegar and saffron and put in tubs called "calette" in Gallipoli.


Ricciola-al-forno-con-pomori-pachino-e-capperi Backed Amberjack fish with cherry tomatoes, olives and capers - The baked amberjack, or “aricciola” so called in some places in Sicily, is a delicious dish of Sicilian cuisine which, in our case, is accompanied by typical Sicilian products: cherry tomatoes of Pachino, capers, olives and oregano.
calamari-ripieni Stuffed Squids - Typical Sicilian recipe, the stuffed squids are quite popular, insomuch as the famous chef Artusi published his own version on his famous book. But, in his recipe he used flying squids, instead of squids.


cacciucco Cacciucco Soup - This fish soup is a dish made of typical fish used in the cuisine of Livorno. It is composed of different kinds of fish, crustaceans and mollusk, usually octopus, squid, rockfish and other varieties of fish known as "poor". They are put in cooking at different times, depending on the time required for every type of fish. Usually, the caciucco soup is served on slices of toasted bread.


spaghetti nero seppia Spaghetti with ink sepia - The spaghetti with ink sepia is a very tasty dish. Certainly, the use of the cuttlefish black bag comes from the past when the food was poor and the people didn’t waste anything. For this reason was born a dish which is acclaimed not only in the traditional Sicilian gastronomy. Even in Venice, for example, there is a tendency to use the black bag for seasoning a typical pasta, the “bigoli”.

baccalaallavicentina Vicenza style Dried Codfish - The Vicenza style dried codfish is, surely, a symbolic recipe of Vicenza city. The success of this delicious recipe, known and appreciated throughout the world, is definitely its simplicity but, at the same time, its distinctive taste given by the special cooking.