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This region has very articulate geographic features: more than half of the land is flat (57%), 14% hilly and 29% mountainous. The found morphological differences influenced both the morphology and social settlements and economic life of local village too, giving rise to the current settlement pattern, featured by a widespread urbanization and a high flexible production. In Veneto, the fishery industry includes fishing and extensive and intensive aquaculture, with particular reference to the Venice Lagoon and the Po delta, where the biggest production companies are concentrated. In fact, in Veneto there is a concentration of fishing breeding equal to 66% of the Italian farming in high Adriatic Sea for a total of 179 rearing with a production of 11,740 tons of fish (year 2003). Also regarding to the mollusk rearing, Veneto, with its 154 plants, gathers the largest number of companies (73%) producing 21,612 tons for year. In relation to fishing, this region accounts for 956 fishing boats, for a total tonnage of 10,230 GRT in 2004. Among the caught types prevailed fishes (57.9%), followed by mollusks (39.9%) and shellfish (2%). On a level of species, anchovy was the most caught (33.6%), followed by clam (20.8%) and sardine (9.5%). (Source: Socio-Economic Observatory of Fisheries of A-A on Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry –Idroconsult Data; Processing data Irepa - Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry 2004 and data API/ICRAM 2004).

puntatore Companies


R. Busanel & Figli s.r.l.

L1The R.Busanel & srl is the result of a long experience grown in the sector of the fish commerce. Already in the distant 1935, the family Busanel began with Domenico the activity in the harbors and fish markets of the Venetian. Currently the “R.Busanel & srl” holds a position of relief in the Italian panorama. It has a valid business staff, a vast net of national and foreign suppliers, and a range of products suitable for answering to the demands of its numerous clients scattered in the whole national territory and in some foreign countries.


NewSea S.r.l.

L2 bisUn crescendo quasi ventennale ha portato la Newsea s.r.l di Rosolina (Ro) a consolidarsi nel mercato di riferimento forte di un fatturato 2011 di trenta milioni di euro (50% di vendite all’estero), di 6000 tonnellate di prodotto venduto e 50 dipendenti. Una realtà tecnologicamente avanzata con certificazione internazionale “International Food Standard”, universalmente riconosciuta. Lavora da sempre per una clientela fidelizzata di grossisti e Grande Distribuzione Organizzata, oltre che per piccoli commercianti, raccogliamo il pesce azzurro con barche a contratto che lavorano per noi nell’Alto Adriatico e acquistiamo dai principali grossisti in tutto il mediterraneo.


caviar Giaveri

L3The fish farm Giaveri was created in 1979 and by the beginning of the eighties, it had already introduced sturgeon as an interesting alternative species for sport fishing. After the world of caviar situation changing, Giaveri started collaborative business relationships with European caviar producers. Giaveri is a dynamic, flexible company dedicated to producing and selling caviar, roe of Russian origin sturgeons. It boasts several specimen variety farmed in our fish farm and is capable of producing high quality and various types of caviar that suits all consumer needs.


gruppo azzurra s.r.l.

L4Gruppo Azzurra was founded at Cavallino in 1988 alongside the riverbank of Laguna Venezia. Its main activities are selecting, purifying, packaging and distributing excellent quality of acephalous alive molluscs in Italy and Europe. For over 20 years, the company has grown fast and today it has the biggest purification plant in the world whose the potential production is 3.000 quintal for production cycle, and a number of 17 different species of molluscs.


belmare s.r.l.

L5Belmare S.r.l. (LAV.IT is the business name) is an Italian company. Who deals with selling and trading of fresh and frozen fishery products. It's specialized Offering a wide range of products which meet customers’ needsThis company deals with fresh fish trading and processing of frozen fishery products.


salmon club s.r.l.

L6We rear and freeze high quality trouts which have a delicious taste of fresh fish. The trouts are so delicious thanks to a reliable and complete productive system Starting from roes and during all the fish life cycle. They are reared into the limpid and pure water of the The Natural Park of Sile and Pedemontana Dolomitica. They are fed with high quality food only and deep-freezing process starts after the fishing and processing.

blue sails s.r.l.

L7Established in 2004 and defined from its inception by dynamism and innovation, Blue Sails is a young company with its registered offices in Chioggia in the province of Venice, specialising in the frozen-deep frozen fish industry sector. Its founder and sole director, Paolo De Ambrosi, runs Blue Sails with all the knowledge and enterprise acquired and matured from twenty years of experience in the sector. The company’s main feature is its ability to perceive market trends and to follow up on these in a prompt and opportune manner.