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Menu Principale

Our  communication action aims to organize promotion and information activities strategically. It  wants put them in a homogeneous field in order to comply with the organic, integration and synergy, transparency and visibility criteria. Also, it wants to comply with the equal opportunity and cross-sustainable development principles. The communication strategy identifies this following priorities:

- reaching the widest audience attention as possible, using the opportunities offered by new information technologies (ICT)

- varying the message depending on its recipients, adapting the language to different needs and using both traditional tools and innovative ones

- providing communication forms able to give prompt and continuous information to potential beneficiaries and involved companies too.

Hence the designed and built tools using for our  attendance:





     the brochure


it’s a editorial holder, in catalog form, which highlights the Italian reality and mission characteristics and explains participating companies at ESE 2012





                the flayer

it’s a communication tool by which it’s possible to show, inside the exhibition, the participating Italian companies location in the fair, pavilion and stand too





          the pamphlet

It’s a local marketing report with the aim of describing our sea biodiversity, Italian fishing fleet, aquaculture and fishing tourism





          the invitations

 There are two types of invitation used to communicate inside the fair. One is used for the normal activities of the stand and the other one is for special events





          the folder

it’s used to contain helpful information and news about the discussed issues. It will be delivered to the journalists and participants too





          the book " The Italian fishes "

It is a pocket-sized book without a scientific claim. It contains a list of the best-known fish species, with their photographs, their Italian, English, French, German, Spanish name, their scientific name and cooking advices 





          The Italian / English Cookbook

It’s designed and implemented on the portal and the mobile application. This Italian / English cookbook is thought with the aim to promote the organoleptic and typical characteristics of our culinary dishes





-         Promotional products

shoppers, lanyland, T-shirt, pens, hats






     Communication activity is thought as project in the project. This is due to the consistency of the planned activities used for their  implementation and to the communicational content effectiveness too.