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emilia romagna

Emilia Romagna is a very differentiated territory, geographically. In this region there are many countryside featured by particular forms of settlement, heavily: a coastal area with an extensive settlement system aligned along the Adriatic Sea, an inner plain, featured by an intensive agricultural production of high quality, a hilly and mountainous area, with a more centralized settlement system and characterized by intense instability phenomena. Its fishery industry includes fishing and extensive and intensive aquaculture. Regarding to the fishing, in 2004 Emilia Romagna counted 825 fishing boats, for a total tonnage of 7,824 GRT. Among the caught fish types prevails the fish (70%), followed by mollusks (19.1%) and crustaceans (10.1%). On a level of the species, anchovy is the most caught, representing about half of the total catch (44.4%), followed by clam (8.4%) and sardine (6.1%). The off-shore fish breeding are not very common, they count only 10 plants that provide 180 tons of fish for year. (Sources: Processing Data Istat, 2004, Irepa - Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry 2004, API / ICRAM 2004)

puntatore Companies


bonapesca S.r.l.

C1Since more than 20 years, Bonapesca S.r.l. is one of companies leader in the fishery market and trading. The company is able to distribute all fishery products in a few hours thanks to Its modern and operative venues, and the technological plants. The seriousness of the company allows it to be recognized as one of the best in Europe.


ass. produttori pesca

C2The Associazione Produttori pesca started its own business in the 1970. Called A.P.P., it’s an association of many fishermen who, according to their business needs, they go fishing in the Sacca di Goro what the sea offers them. Sacca di Goro is located in the Po delta park where the mix of sweet and salt water generates the brackish content which is the natural habitat of the genuine clam. The molluscs are then taken to the Animal unit for cleaning, inspection, finishing and packaging. All over the years, Associazione Produttori Pesca has increased the number of products into the market.


giò mare S.r.l.

C3Our company is specialized in trading imported and bred fresh fish. We directly purchase from the most important fish markets of the Adriatic sea and from the ports of Southern France, guaranteeing an accurate selection of the required products. Tens of people are constantly linked in real time to markets all over Italy and abroad, in order to improve the quality/price ratio.


consorzio pescatori s.r.l.

C4 Consorzio Pescatori Srl is a company working in fishery market with the aim to trade
and transport molluscs , especially genuine clams of the tapes semidecussatus family,
the main product of the company.
Since many years, the Consortium committed to provide not only for high quality and
healthiness of products but also the origin of them.


ittica san giorgio

C5The fishery company Ittica San Giorgio Srl from Goro deals with buying, purification, and packaging of molluscs. The company buys from the producers directly and cooperates with the best experts in the sector in order to have good market position. Our client groups are the big distribution, wholesalers and fishmongers.                                                                               


consorzio pescatori di goro - soc. coop.

C6Founded in the '30s by the fishermen of Goro for the management of the fish market, the Copego took over in 1970, the current connotation of companies, including several local cooperatives. This activity has given excellent results, so that by the late 80s, the Consortium has achieved the leadership in the shellfish industry. The Copego currently has the participation of over 581 members, divided into several categories of fishing and trade, and markets its products on national and European levels.


costa adriatica S.r.l.

C7Costa Adriatica Srl established in 1982 is one of the European leader trading company for the wild" blue fish", (sardines and anchovies), fished in the open Adriatic Sea. At present the export volume is around 2,500 tons of which sardines represent 60%. In the last years the Costa Adriatica is, for example, specialized in the export of products of the Adriatic: codfishes, mullets, tuna, murex, clams, guaranteeing the best product in relationship to the quality and the price.


goro pesca

C8Purification and trading of acephalopod and alive gastropod net and vacuum packed. Trade of national (from Chioggia to Ancona) and international fishery products. Qualified suppliers from Italian and Spanish GDO . One internal and one external laboratory ensure healthiness and the respect of microbiological, chemical and toxicological characteristics of marketed products.


san benedetto - unipersonale S.r.l.

C9The company San Benedetto srl deals with wholesale trade, import and export of fishery products and also their production and processing. Their trade is particularly based on fresh fish to be distributed into the GDO/DO distribution channel. The production and processing are instead more focused on GDO/DO HORECA distribution channels. Besides, the company produces fresh fish food well-known in the market. The aim for the future is to increase the export of their products.


l.p.a. pesca s.r.l.

C10Lpa Pesca is a company specialized in import and trade of alive shellfishes and high quality fish products in general. We address to all companies interested to high quality and exclusive marketed products. Our aim is to innovate and experiment always new market products. Our professionalism and complete commitment, the selection of the best suppliers and exclusive products helped us to grow fast and to be well-known in the Italian market so that we’re called “expert of alive shellfishes”. The headquarter based on Riccione (RN) has a storage capability equal to 10 ton of alive shellfishes.