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Friuli Venezia Giulia is the most north-eastern region of Italy and its territory is mountainous for 43%, plain for 38%, hilly for 19%, while the coasts extends for 117 km in the southern side. The low plain and lagoon areas, which have inside interesting settlement conditions, are very important for industrial settlement that space out different productions, rural areas accompanied by high specialized production, above all, of fine wines exported around the world, and lagoon ones, which are featured by a high natural interest too. Its regional fishery industry includes fishing and extensive and intensive aquaculture production of freshwater and saltwater fishes. The freshwater fishing farming is concentrated in the plains mainly. It is due to the high availability of fresh water provided by the most extensive spring water phenomenon in Europe, which made possible a long experienced trout production. As the matter of the fact, it allows to Friuli Venezia Giulia to arise the top place on the national level for both trout production and quality trout product. Moreover, the companies operating in manufacturing field which, through innovative manufacturing processes, safeguard the typical local products, aren’t unimportant at all. A particular regard is given to Grado and Marano Lagoon and Trieste Gulf where the biggest fishing productive companies and mussel farm are concentrated. In the Trieste Gulf, the fish farming production is about 12.000 tons while the mussels one is around 4.000 tons. Regarding to the fishing, as from December 31th, 2011, this region accounted for a total of 407 fishing boats, corresponding to 219.51 GRT, which were engaged in a daily fishing activity by implementing small-scale fishing systems. On the level of species, depending on the seasons, it is possible to caught blue fish, mullet, whiting, squid, mantis shrimp, sole, flounder, clams and cockles. (Based on data API / ICRAM 2004 and on data-IRPEA Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry 2004)

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società agricola sterpo

D1Società Agricola Sterpo, located in Southern Friuli, with more than 40 years of experience processes around 15,000 quintals of trout per year. The species of trouts are “iridea, fario and salmerino” and they produce also fresh and breaded fillets. The company pays much attention to the high quality of raw material and processes the best products reared in pure, fresh and oxygenated water of the surrounded lands.


Friulpesca s.r.l.

D2Since 1962 the Falcomer Family has led Friulpesca, keeping its philosophy alive: excellent quality, together with a flawless service and the research of clients’ satisfaction. The quality of Friulpesca is known around the world with strong links to import/export. The countries with which it works most are: Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Holland, France, Spain, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Thailand, United States, Vietnam, Argentina, Ecuador, Morocco, Tunisia, Great Britain, Denmark, Ireland, Greece, Norway, Hungary, Romania.