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In geographical terms, Lombardy can’t be considered a single territory. As a matter of the fact, this territory isn’t bounded by precise physical configurations, it has variety of countryside that cross the region without enclosing it and the administrative boundaries, often, are the result of complex historical events. The Lombardy fishery industry can boast a certain size. In fact, the 60% of the raised eel and the 85% in reared sturgeon are produced in Lombardy. Moreover, many other species are caught by professional fishermen, who, with stoic undertaking, continue to practice this ancient job. In Lombardy there are more than 200 professional fishermen and about 130.000 recreational fishermen. These activities are practiced in the major lakes, which counts a total area of 700 square kilometers, representing 60% of the domestic volume of fresh water, and rivers and streams, whose network exceeds the 10,000 km of linear development. (Sources: Agriculture Direction and Unioncamere Lombardia)

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agroittica lombarda

E1Specialized in caviar since the 1991, Agroittica has achieved a good reputation with important airlines (Lufthansa, Singapore e Thai) and with the best Chef in the world for the freshness and the delicious taste of the Italian caviar. The best “premium” types of caviar are l’Oscietra Gueldenstaedii) and Storione Bianco (A. Transmontanus). The company is able to afford more than 100 hectar of tanks filled with well water ensuring no pollution.


coldfish s.r.l.

E2Coldfish Srl deals with production and selling of frozen and fresh fishery products. The company was founded in the 1990 by the fusion of two fishery companies specialized in fishery production of sweet water fishes. The aim was to enhance the high quality of their products. Coldfish Srl is well-known in the frozen fishery products market even though recently it has extended the range of production also to fresh, precooked and packaged fishery products.


deton italia s.r.l.

E3Deton Italia srl, is one of the leading trading companies in the seafood Market. Experience, Professionalism and effective distribution do enable us to sell the finest quality shellfish and fish from all the world all over Italy. Wild Seafood from Brittany, Special and Belon’s Oysters, yellowfin Tuna from the Indian Ocean, Swordfish and Scallops from the Pacific, Australian Yellowtail Kingfish, live Shellfish, wild Prawns from the Mediterranean, are part of a really wide range of seafood.


fjord s.p.a.

E4FJORD Spa started running its business on smoking salmon in 1969. Since that year, it grew very fast becoming leader all over the Europe. FJORD is the best Italian company in smoking salmon market with the highest Great Distribution and it’s the first producer of Product at Brand. FJORD processes Norwegian, Scottish, Irish and wild Alaska salmon, tuna, swordfish and sturgeon. FJORD produces prawns in brine coming from Asian South East and North Atlantic.


ittimar s.r.l.

E5Ittimar Srl is an experienced company from Milan specialized in production and trading of frozen and defrosted fishery products. The registered office is in Milan and the headquarter in Tortoreto (Teramo). The main activities are the production and the packaging of migrant fishes, the international trading, the Surimi production, the wholesale of defrosted fishery products. Trademarks: Ittimar, Ittinord, Espaderos, Fideco.


verbano ittica s.r.l.

E6Leader in the fish market, this company provides for different services addressed to a wide range of customers, from the small restaurant to the big distribution. In order to give more guarantees on the quality and reliability of the company, we got BRC and IFS certifications. We cooperate with qualified and certified companies for so many years. We import tuna fillets and whole tunas practising eco-sustainable fishing with companies having the Friend of the sea certification.