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Marche extends between the Apennines and the Adriatic Sea and it has a great variety of geomorphological aspects and landscapes. It ranges from the high Apennines mountains to the Adriatic coast, through a hilly expanse. In recent years, the fishing and aquaculture industry has been affected by an increasing fishermen involvement in matters not related to the production, strictly. In 2000, according to data from the Archives Fishing Licenses (ALP), the Marche fishing fleet consisted of 1.286 boats, for a total of 19,840 gross registered tonnage (GRT). In 2000, the Marche fleet total production showed an increase of 2.8% and fishing catches reached 50,625 tons. Looking at the catch compositions, in Marche there is a strong specialized production linked to the fleet: the clams are the most caught species (14,394 tons, or 28.4% of regional total), whose production has significant impact on the national level too, since it represents more than half of all Italian production. This specialization is linked to the fact that 30.4% of hydraulic dredges is concentrated in Marche. (Sources: Based on Istat data 1999-2000, data Irepa-Economic Observatory of Fisheries on production structures Italian 1998-2000)

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Maroni fratelli s.r.l.

F1Fratelli Maroni is a company working for more than 40 years in the sector of trading seafood in Italy and abroad. They boat their long experience in the sector and they well-known and appreciated for the high quality of products and the seriousness of the company. Since the 1980 they deal with purification and shipping of Fresh molluscs and gastropods and also production and processing of Fresh and frozen fishery products. The headquarter is located in Pedaso (Ascoli Piceno), just some metres far from the sea, motorway A 14.


mare più s.r.l.

F2The company was founded in the 1988, but actually they started working in this sector since the 60s’. It processes various type of frozen fishery product addressed to catering, retail and Ho.Re.Ca. The core business is represented by frozen grated products cooked in the oven and ready in a few minutes like fish kebab, squid , mussels, scallops, sepias “arrosticini” (sort of fish kebab typical form Abruzzo). All are prepared with breadcrumb and natural aroma no preservatives. We produce also steaks of different type of fishes and also a mix of fish and vegetables as toppings for main courses.


broker fish company s.r.l.

F3Founded in the 1998, this company deals with fish product sales in the Italian market moving goods worth approximately 50 million (equal to 11.000 ton) on behalf of Marr spa. We have three different client groups: processing industry, wholesaler of frozen products, catering service companies. Our marketed products come from all over the world, but especially from Morocco, Senegal, Argentina, Mauritania, Ecuador, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, Namibia, Chile, Peru, China, Korea.


Industria conserviera ittica s.r.l.

F4The company, founded in the 1990, is based in the business area of Romagnol Riviera, a well-known area in terms of gastronomy. Hygiene and safety are the main aspects of the company working in preservation of frozen and preserved fishery products. It’s strength is the constant aim to innovate searching for high quality raw material and new processes in order to meet all market needs, from the most innovative to the traditional ones.