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Apulia, the first region of southern Italy for extension, takes up the eastern part of the Italian territory. It has more than 800 km of coast wet by the sea and it is flat and hilly mostly. From north to south areas there are different territorial and economic conformations. Its regional fishery industry, intended only as caught activity in the sea, accounting for 13% of the domestic units and 16% of domestic capacity. In 1997, its regional production is set at the second place on the domestic level, after Sicily, with 78.000 tons, representing 18% of total production. In the Taranto Gulf and Gargano areas, sea aquaculture activities and shellfish ones, specifically, play an important role. In 1998 in Apulia, 22 plants worked, including 5 floating cages, with a production of 2.000 tons. This reality represents about 28% of the number of domestic fishing companies and about 20% of domestic production. The two most farmed sea species are sea bream and sea bass. In 2002, the Apulia fishing fleet structure counted 1.987 boats, totaling 23,249 gross tons. (Sources: Based on Istat data; Archive fishing licenses)

puntatore Companies


dituri s.r.l.

G1Dituri Company was founded in 1952 as a whole and retail sale company of typical local fish and seafood. Since then and across three generations Dituri Co. has become an important society specializing in sales and marketing of living bivalve molluscs. All around Europe. It has a strong collaboration with the most important consortium which produce mussels, oysters, lupines, clams. The company provides for daily deliveries all around Italy and, three times per week in the North of Europe.


mitos s.r.l.

G2Mitos srl has founded in the 2004 and it's a company which boasts long experience in Trading high quality fishery products. Thanks to the good geographical position of the headquarter near to one of the biggest port in the South of Italy, Mitos is the point of reference for wholesalers, retail seller, superstore,and restaurants in Italy and in all Europe. The taste of its products is delicious and unique as they come from the seabed of the Mediterranean Sea Appreciated all over the world.


Gioioso ittica s.a.s.

G3The Gioioso family is active in the fishery market since three generations and it’s recognized in the sector of processing and production of fishes, molluscs, cephalopods, shellfish which can be fresh, frozen or defrosted. The headquarter is located in Fasano in Apulia, the heart of Southern Italy, and it’s a modern and high technological building . It boats also its own transports and a joint venture with other fishery companies worldwide which ensure. The total satisfaction of the customers.


lepore mare

G4For 50 years Lepore Mare has founded its success on the sea and for fishing, as well as the devotion of many people who have invested in this difficult job, the ongoing helpfulness and reliability of each corporate division and the rapidity of a transport service whereby fresh and choice fish are delivered to customers. Addressing the market of retailers, large-scale distributors and catering, we base our core business on quality and know-how, providing competence in the specific demands in every category of product.