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Sicily is the main island in the Mediterranean Sea and it is the most southern and largest in Italy. With its 1.500 km of coastline, it boasts a natural vocation for the sea activities such as fishing, with its history and traditions. Its fishing industry has always been an important production, both from economic point of view and from historical and cultural one. The Sicily fishing production structure count 4.600 ships for a total tonnage of 72,784 GRT. Regarding to the aquaculture, Sicily has always been an important manufacturing center on the level of the domestic scene. Favorable weather conditions enabled this region to be included among the main ones on the level of domestic production due to productive volumes related to sea and brackish fish farming and to be the most significant Italian production, as regards fish farming in open sea. (Sources: Annual Report on fisheries and aquaculture, fishing license Archive 1998).

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balistreri girolamo

H1We are located in Aspra, a maritime village a few km from Palermo, where, since 1947, we have been able to create a company activity of remarkable relevance in the field of anchovy packaging. Our firm's chief interest is granting our customers the best quality anchovies, which are sold in jars or tins. They are perfectly ripe, rose-coloured, obtained selecting in the right months (may-june) the best anchovies, caught along Sicilian and Spanish coasts. In this field we are proud to be one of the few realities which still take care directly of the production of salt and in oil fish.


pesce azzurro cefalù

H2During the 50’s Francesco Serio set up the company bearing his name, to process and preserve anchovies. In 1979, in order to cope with the requirements of modernization and expansion, the company was turned into a capital company and took its present name “Pesce Azzurro Cefalù Srl”, Today the company is a leader in the fish processing and preserving industry. The processing and preserving of our products is entirely by hand, by skilful and expert workers in accordence with the most ancient Sicilian traditions.

maestri del gusto s.r.l.

H3Production and trading of salt and smoked fishery products like botargo Smoked fish, preserved fish, fillets in oil, ready sauces fish based. We pay particular attention in selecting raw material, high quality products and making the handmade processing.


benedetto scalia s.r.l.

H4The “Industria Conserviera Benedetto Scalia” was founded to Sciacca in 1973, city located as a terrace on the splendid sea of the Mediterranean. His sea is particularly fishy and you can find blue fishes, especially anchovies and sardines. Also Benedetto Scalia starts his activity in a place of modest dimensions, with the help of few collaborate-bulls, but the high quality of products and the sales of these are in constant increase. In 1996 Benedetto Scalia built a new establishment that occupies an area of 7.000 mqs.


dal mare soc. coop. consortile

H5Dal Mare Società Cooperativa Consortile is a corporation constituted of fishery companies and processing and trading companies for fresh and preserved fishery products. The social structure is constituted of fishery cooperatives like Cooperative of Mutual Assistance. Some of those are: Pescatori di Sciacca, Cooperativa L’Ancora di Sciacca, Piccola Pesca Società Cooperativa di Licata ( who practices trawling) and also some other food processing industry like Licata Aurelio & C. , Consorzio Ittico Il Mar Mediterraneo, Industria Ittica Scalia, Società Coop. Consortile Gold Fish, Ittico Turturici Vincenzo, Ittico Conserviera Mediterranea Fish.