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Tuscany is one of the main Italian regions for cultural and landscape heritage. Due to its history and its strong cultural and linguistic unity, Tuscany is an Italian region with the oldest and defined identity. The aquaculture and fishery industry are two of the most qualified productive activities for the Tuscany coast. In fact, in 2007 there were 404 companies. In 2005, the Tuscany fishing fleet counted 640 boats for a total tonnage of 5,743 GRT. Regarding the aquaculture, on the basis of the ARSIA monitoring made in 2008, in Tuscany there were 28 companies, 17 of which (60.7%) for the breeding of freshwater species and 11 of which (29.3% ) for the breeding of marine ones. (Sources: Data CESIT, Data MIPAF - IREPA 2007)

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I1COOPAM is a cooperative of producers founded in the 1998. With the aim to promote and trade fish of Orbetello reared by its members. Every day basses, breams and umbra “boccadoro” are hunt,controlled, selected, individually labelled, packed and distributed all over Italy.Every step of the process is regulated by strict standard of production stated by the cooperative and its members.


Ghezzi alimentari s.p.a.

I2The Ghezzi family has been in the foodstuffs industry since the beginning of the twentieth century, when Dante Ghezzi decided to open a grocery in his home town. In the forties, the company, began to specialise in preserved fish, firstly as importers and distributors and successively as producers. Full awareness of any change in eating habits, the market and society in general has been a constancy of the company, together with the will of the Ghezzi family to transfer accumulated experience over almost a century of practice in the field of fish-preserving from generation in generation.


mobilpesca surgelati s.p.a.

I3Mobilpesca Surgelati S.p.A., stablished in 1984, specializes in the processing and sale of frozen fish. Chairman Francesco Mobilia started his business in 1981, as a small fish merchant operating on a regional level. The business expanded with the setting up of the new company, enabling it to distribute its products throughout the country. At the end of 2006, the firm moved to a new, modern building of 4,600 m2, on a site of 9,500 m2 overall.